Thomas Stanley (a/k/a Bushmeat) Electrons
Bobby Hill Record Players
Luke Stewart
Sequencers, Samples

Our medium is sound. Sound generated. Sound borrowed and relocated. With this sound we create places and we create events. Some of these events are music. Many are not. To the extent that the places and events we create are extraordinary and the manner in which the events are allowed to occur within these places is extraordinary, our work product is extraordinary. This is the critical dimension of MOM². The semantic dimension of the project is a bit more nuanced. First point of order: Our work is not a text. By intention, the sounds that we have generated, collected and brought into conjunction are not to be taken as a socially conditioned statement to be decoded or read, nor as an instance of personal or cultural expression to be felt. MOM² seeks to change minds not fiddle around with their contents. The political dimension of MOM² is rooted in the distinction between these two approaches. Art can do many things. It need not be limited to making additions to the clutter of facts, beliefs, ideological warrants, and emotional tropes within which our attention flutters like debris in a strong wind. MIND OVER MATTER MUSIC OVER MIND is directed at the function of consciousness, not at its contents. For the mind, morphology is physiology and MOM² seeks to redraw the boundaries of mental health. This radical re-normalization of mental possibility is inherently political, challenging as it must, the most basic premises of social organization and order.

________________________________________________© Paul Bothwell

MOMMOM @ Bohemian Caverns with Jean-Paul Bourelly___________________© 2011 Paula Stanley

Bobby Hill, Bushmeat, Luke Stewart, Jean-Paul Bourelly (l-r)___________________© 2011 Paula Stanley

Luke Stewart has made a strong addition to our sound. ___________________© 2011 Paula Stanley

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